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Analysis and Aspects of Nursing Education Conferences 2020
Nursing Education and Evidence Based Practice scientific and board committee members would like to invite all the participants and exhibitors from the world to Barcelona, Spain on April 27-28, 2020 to attend the conference with the theme Future Outlook and Advancements in Nursing Education and Research. We have decided to include proficient keynote speech, poster presentation, oral presentation, seminars, workshops, symposia, and exhibitions in the program.
Why do nurses attend the World Nursing Education conference?
The World Nursing Education and Evidence Based Practice Conference are one of the best ways to hear about the recent advancements and innovations in nursing practice. Most of the nurses are interested to enhance their knowledge and practice by learning the latest developments. And for them, the World Nursing Education conference is the best stage with the following benefits
• To gain opportunity to meet and interact with experts in the field of nursing and Registered Nurses (After the conference sessions B2B meetings are arranged for the interactions)
• To present and develop the research ideas and projects
• To learn the greatest and latest innovations in the area of practice
• For visiting and exploring a new city or country
• To experience a personal growth


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